Oxford Test of English

What is the Oxford Test of English?


The Oxford Test of English, OTE, is the English language certificate of the University of Oxford.

Oxford Approved Test Centre

International recognition

1 exam, 2 hours, 3 levels (A2-B1-B2)

Oxford Test of English is an English exam for the 21st century, it is adapted to the student’s level and the result is obtained in 14 days.

A test that can’t be failed

It is a certificate that indicates the overall grade and the grade for each skill: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

It does not pass or fail, but certifies your level of English. The language levels assessed are those between A2 and B2 of the CEFR.

Online methodology that adapts to your level

The methodology of the exam is simple, so you will not need to prepare in advance. It is an online test that lasts two hours.

During the exam you will be able to see your progress, as well as the time available and exhausted. It is a test that is adapted to the level you are showing. That is, the level of each module varies according to the answers in order to certify the level of English accurately.

You can find out what the test looks like through this demo.

Results in 15 days

Compared to other tests it is faster and more efficient. Moreover, within 15 days after the test you will receive, via email, a report with the overall score and the score of each of the modules.

Note can be improved

If, due to circumstances, you are not satisfied with the result in one of the skills, it is not necessary to repeat the entire test, but you can take only the modules whose result you want to improve.

To whom it is addressed

This exam is ideal for those who need to certify their level of English officially in order to access jobs or be admitted to courses that require a minimum level.

It is also a way to test your language level in each of the skills, which will allow you to reinforce those of lesser knowledge.

The only requirement is to be over 16 years old.

Several calls per year

Throughout the year, exams are held on different dates and at different times. In the same way, specific courses are held to refresh the language in order to obtain better results.
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Do you want to get an idea of what the Oxford Test of English is like?

Here you have an example of a skills or complete exam.

All the details of the exam can be consulted and viewed at the following web address: http://www.oxfordtestofenglish.es/

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